Letter And Emails To Volvo Corporate

Volvo installing replacement dashes with defects then trying to avoid responsibility in my opinion. "Unfortunately we are unable to address this concern any further" Is this the new Volvo and this how Volvo now treats loyal long time customers?


Dear Volvo,

RE: Vehicle and Warranty Issue Need Resolved
Please Forward To Volvo Management

Volvo is supplying replacement parts with defects to our dealer XXXXXXXX Volvo and this issue is not being corrected by Volvo. We have been going back and forth with our dealer trying to get this resolved for months and this has also already been looked at by the Volvo District Warranty Representative.

I am a long time loyal Volvo owner. My wife and I have owned 10 Volvos over the years. We have also probably spent at least $40,000 over the years for parts and service at XXXXXXXX Volvo who has been excellent so far.

We purchased 2 new old stock 2016 Volvo XC70 Premier Classic Trim Models because this was the final production year. We are kind of testing the waters before trusting Volvo’s newest lineup and so far it is not good.

I had no idea about the leather dash problems and when I found out I wasn’t worried because I trusted Volvo and the factory warranty.

I expected any failing or failed part would be replaced with a part free of defects that looks like what was there in the first place. I never thought parts would be replaced with parts that have defects. This is a reasonable expectation.


Our Black Metallic XC70 has received dashes WITH MULTIPLE DEFECTS (PLEASE SEE PHOTOS) showing holes under infotainment screen. The dash is also not straight around vent strip with larger gaps in some areas. Sometimes in the summer when the sun is really bright and hits the dash a certain way you can actually see light shining inside the holes under the infotainment screen.

In the meantime while we’ve been waiting our center console is creaking and popping again. I’m starting to feel like a joke is being played on me, this can’t be real and these issues make me feel like I’m driving a piece of junk. I’ve never experienced anything like this after owning 10 Volvos over the years.

The Volvo warranty rep looked at the issues with our dealer. We were told that they explained the issues to the dash supplier and would try to get a dash without defects and yet the dashes are still coming in with defects.

Why is Volvo replacing parts with defects inferior to what was installed? Why is this issue not being resolved and when will it be resolved?

I feel that a customer should not be stuck in the middle of an issue between a vehicle manufacturer, an original supplier and issue with a new supplier. It is the vehicle manufacturer’s responsibility to source and make sure replacement parts are defect free and the same as what was originally installed in the vehicle.

If this is the kind of warranty service we get how can we ever trust Volvo’s new vehicle lineup and buy more new Volvos in the future?

I don’t understand why Volvo would want to frustrate and anger some of its most loyal long time customers. Volvos are all my wife and I have driven since we moved in together into our first place when I was about 20.

This XC70 dash issue for a new vehicle is ridiculous and it’s embarrassing especially for a new vehicle that had a $46,000 MSRP and would even be unacceptable for a $20,000 economy vehicle. There are Fords, GMs, Chryslers and Kia’s that don’t have these issues and receive defect free parts.

There are other XC70’s that will still be under warranty for the next couple of years and some longer with Volvo’s 3rd party extended warranty where Volvo would need defect free replacement dashes regardless.

Please see the photos which clearly show what the dash is supposed to look like compared to the replacement dashes with defects.

We have been part of Volvo’s loyal long time customer base and I would think Volvo would want to retain loyal long time customers like us.

All we want is a replacement leather dash without defects like installed in our 2016 Twilight Bronze XC70 under warranty.

Please let me know when this issue will be resolved. Please do not ask me to talk to someone over the phone. Please provide a response in writing letting us know when Volvo will resolve this issue with their supplier and source dashes without these defects like the original dashes.

Thank you,





I'm checking in to see how things are going. We're at a year since this first started and about 7 months since we were told Volvo would try and work with the supplier to correct these issues. We have been extraordinarily patient.

I want to make sure we're still on the same page so I reattached photos comparing our Black Metallic XC70 that keeps receiving defective dashes with our Twilight Bronze XC70 that had a good dash installed under warranty.

I am a little concerned after the last email when you mentioned "find a dash" because I thought that's what our dealer told us the warranty rep already tried. I assumed they could not locate one of the original dashes without manufacturing defects. We already waited months for the dealer to try and get another and it had the same manufacturing defects the dashes coming from the new supplier have. 

We originally brought the vehicle in a year ago for dash replacement due to leather starting to lift in one area. We had gone back and forth with the dealer trying to get a good dash. We get a second replacement, same manufacturing defects. We were told months ago that our dealer talked with the warranty rep and they would show the photos I submitted to the supplier. We patiently waited for months and the last time our dealer received another dash with the same manufacturing defects.

I just don't understand what's going on and why this wasn't taken care of a long time ago. Maybe it's getting overlooked or it's poor communication within Volvo but this is frustrating. We haven't been able to enjoy our new Volvo for a year. The center console has been creaking for the last year and I have been waiting to get that resolved when we get a dash without manufacturing defects. I have been stressing about my new Volvo and warranty for a year now since we brought it in.

This is just unreal after my wife and I have only owned Volvos and have owned 10 over the years never feeling this way about any of them. We have been extremely loyal customers and have probably spent at least $40,000 at our dealer who has been excellent so far but Volvo keeps supplying defective dashes. I never experienced anything like this and this vehicle had a $46,000 MSRP. I just feel like this must be some kind of joke and this can't be happening.

I was feeling confident after I got your initial response to my original letter and photos submitted but after the last followup I'm concerned we're not making much progress and Volvo isn't addressing the manufacturing defects with the new supplier.

I have a new Volvo that I would expect to be fully supported under warranty with defect free replacement parts like what was originally installed.

We have been very loyal customers. We purchased 2 new final production year Volvos and I'm surprised this is even an issue. We are kind of testing the waters before trusting Volvo's newest lineup and so far this isn't good.

I hope Volvo corrects this issue with their supplier so this will never happen again if the leather lifts again in the future or for other customers that may need replacement leather dashes since the leather lifting is a common issue.

Can you please let me know where we're at and when we can expect to receive a replacement leather dash without manufacturing defects?

Thank you,





I originally contacted Volvo Corporate February 4th and after feeling like nothing was being done I followed up to make sure that this was being taken seriously and was forwarded to a manager. April 17th I receive this . . .



I am a supervisor here in customer care. Your concern has been addressed at the highest level. We have been notified Volvo is unable to order additional dashboards for this vehicle. We have been advised you inspected dashboard #2 and approved it prior to installation.

We strive to provide customer satisfaction and unfortunately regret in this instance there is nothing more we can do. We regret we are unable to provide the response you are hoping for. Unfortunately we are unable to address this concern any further.

Med vänliga hälsningar!

Yours Sincerely,

Volvo Car USA



Hello XXXXX,

***This is only parts of my response because it's too long and detailed***

You are the vehicle manufacturer, they are the dealer. How are we supposed to know if there will be defects like holes under the screen?

I have emails we sent to the dealer after the first dash as proof they were notified about defects such as the holes under the infotainment screen. Therefore why would we approve defects such as holes under the infotainment screen?

Furthermore, when my wife went to pick up the vehicle she specifically told a service advisor and showed the service manager that the 2nd replacement still had holes under the infotainment screen and that was one of the issues.

What Volvo cannot do is only offer sorry and then to try to put this on us when none of this is our fault and Volvo's supplier issue(s) or the fact that Volvo switched dash suppliers and nobody inspected or compared these dashes to the original dashes is not our fault and Volvo should not be trying to make this our problem.

My wife and I have been loyal long time Volvo customers that have owned 10 Volvo over the years and have only driven Volvos since we have been together. We have probably spent over $40,000 parts and service at our dealer over the years. We thought we were going to also buy more new Volvos in the future.

This is not what I purchased. I purchased these vehicles under false and misleading pretenses expecting Volvo to follow an industry standard of providing defect free replacement parts under warranty as Volvo is obligated to. Instead Volvo is trying to leave me stuck with a dash that has multiple defects then now I have to worry about our other XC70 since the leather lifting is a common issue and Volvo is basically saying that there will never be another replacement leather dash without defects.

This is one of the most ridiculous experiences I ever had. I have felt like someone is playing a prank on me and this can't be real. I have never experienced anything like this with any of the Volvos we have owned over the years. This vehicle had a $46,000 MSRP and there are economy vehicles this would never happen to. I guess Volvo wants to lose at least 3 new vehicle sales from us in the future and instead would rather leave us with this horrible experience to tell everyone.

I would like Volvo to fulfill its obligation to provide a defect free replacement as it was supposed to under factory warranty. If Volvo cannot then Volvo has a responsibility to offer fair compensation for us having to look at interior defects shown in the photos every time we get in and drive for the life of the vehicle which is unreasonable because that is NOT what we purchased. It is also troubling to know the leather lifting is common and should the leather start lifting again in our other XC70 that has a good dash Volvo will never have a defect free replacement for that vehicle either.

***This is only parts of my response because it's too long and detailed***

***Everything contained in these letters is based on how I feel or what I believe. I make no guarantees to the accuracy of any information on this website and I am not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies although I try to be accurate***








I personally believe Volvo was trying to make it look as if they were working on this and stalling while nothing was being done "unless" Volvo is just extremely incompetent. I believe it was about 8 months since we were told Volvo was working on trying to get us a good dash. I personally feel like we would have just been waiting forever if I didn't start questioning things. My take away is that I feel Volvo is trying to avoid responsibility when Volvo is responsible for inspecting and sourcing defect free parts.



***This is only parts of my response because it's too long and detailed***


I spoke with my wife again about the dash.

She told me she remembers the dealer did show her the left vent opening of the current dash before it was installed because the first dash also had wrinkles around the left vent an additional defect. My wife told me she was NOT shown the part that would be under the infotainment screen and they were focused on the left vent area.

I have the email and photos the dealer sent me of the current dash and none were of the infotainment screen area which seems to support what my wife is saying.

She was never shown the infotainment screen part. Furthermore how would we have even known since we are NOT Volvo or the dealer and how would we have known at that time if the part around the infotainment screen was correct or not? This is something VOLVO is supposed to make sure is correct.

I am not supposed to know anything about servicing these vehicles or the parts involved because we purchased new Volvos that are under factory warranty.

We trusted Volvo and our dealer to take care of this AFTER we sent an email and attached photos of the holes underneath the infotainment screen with the first dash. Volvo only has replacement dashes with defects which is NOT our fault and it is also NOT our dealer’s fault Volvo is supplying defective dashes because VOLVO didn’t fully inspect and compare dashes from its new supplier. If Volvo had supplied defect free dashes as it is supposed to we wouldn’t even be dealing with this.

I think we should discuss inspection of parts since you bring it up . . .

Volvo now relies on customers to inspect parts? Volvo doesn’t have the responsibility of inspecting parts? It is not Volvo’s responsibility to inspect parts when changing to a new supplier? Volvo doesn’t inspect and compare a part before having a supplier start cranking out parts? Is it not Volvo’s responsibility for someone to inspect the parts that suppliers are manufacturing to ensure consistency and quality?

Isn’t Volvo the one that is supposed to be inspecting parts sourced from its suppliers and that are being provided to its dealers? Volvo doesn’t follow an industry standard of providing defect free replacement parts under warranty?

Do my wife and I work at Volvo and not know it or was this Volvo’s job?

Why is Volvo acting as if we are responsible for inspecting parts? We had no prior experience with these dashes. How do we know what to look for anyway?

This already ridiculous situation just gets more ridiculous.

I can’t wait to share this with potential buyers for a good laugh. I don’t think this is funny but this is along the lines of me feeling like a joke is being played on me and that this can’t be real as I’ve said in previous correspondence.

We are not Volvo, we are not the dealer and all Volvo has are leather dashes with manufacturing defects so how does that change anything?

We accepted it, NO we did not.

We already brought the holes under the infotainment screen to the dealer’s attention in an email after the first dash was installed. When my wife came to pickup the vehicle she told them she was not happy after seeing the holes again under the infotainment screen with the second dash and that we had told them about this.

This is NOT what I purchased. Volvo has a responsibility to follow an industry standard of providing defect free replacement parts like what was originally installed. This vehicle had a $46,000 MSRP and there are cheap economy vehicles that would never receive parts like this. I have never seen or heard of anything like this.

What a way to treat long time loyal customers that planned on buying more new Volvos in the future and have probably spent over $40,000 on parts and service.

What a way to do business way to go Volvo!

***This is only parts of my response because it's too long and detailed***

***Everything contained in these letters is based on how I feel or what I believe. I make no guarantees to the accuracy of any information on this website and I am not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies although I try to be accurate***






Your comments were reviewed and Volvo's position remains unchanged. We are unable to take any further action. I regret that our response was not acceptable and realize there are times when that may occur. It is not our intention to upset you , but only to convey Volvo's position.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to respond to this inquiry.

Med vänliga hälsningar!

Yours Sincerely,

Volvo Car USA


Volvo Customer Care could not even help with a simple transmission software update needed to resolve what we are experiencing as explained below. We felt Volvo was ignoring us until another email was sent but still no help.


What was sent to Volvo which are my feelings and opinion as long time customer.

I provided Volvo an opportunity to listen and help us with this other issue but so far just still feel ignored. Volvo continues to ignore us so I created a video of the issue and had tweeted the following with the video attached . . .

Tweet I had sent with video attached . . . .

"I am long time loyal Volvo owner that had no idea Volvo would sell clown cars with idiotic transmission programming that hurls you to stops at times making already excessive premature brake wear worse in my opinion."

Volvo should be sharing this with its engineers and working on a new transmission software update to make 2016 XC70 8 speed transmissions behave like a normal vehicle. We purchased these new old stock and it is inexcusable there has been no transmission update from Volvo to resolve the issue I'm describing.

I continue to feel like Volvo has almost abandoned support for these vehicles and continue to feel ignored and abandoned as a long time loyal Volvo customer. The issues are bad enough but the lack of vehicle support is appalling.

Soon I guess I should start discouraging people from buying Volvo electric and hybrid vehicles online and on social media if Volvo can't even get basic things right or release a simple software update to fix the issue shown that should have been caught during vehicle testing and evaluation in the first place. Is Volvo now no longer testing vehicles either, they just go directly to production nowadays?

I don't even understand how this could be an issue.

Long Time Loyal Volvo Customer





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