Mistakes That I Believe Volvo Is Making


Volvo Engines and Powertrain

As a long time Volvo customer I have observed mistakes I believe Volvo has made and believe Volvo continues to make. I feel that Volvo has created unnecessary issues for itself over the years such as years ago deciding to offer 6cyl Engines in S80 and XC90 T6 models (1999-2006) where Volvo had to source different transmissions to accommodate 6cyl Engines in these models. When Volvo already had 5cyl Engines that provided nearly as much HP with proven transmissions it had been using it never made sense to me.

From everything I think that I read apparently the sourced 4 speed automatic transmissions used with older 6cyl engines had serious reliability issues and I believe Volvo lost a lot of customers that swore to never buy Volvo again. Volvo already had a proven 5cyl engine that could get nearly the same horsepower and a proven transmission so why create unnecessary risk?

Volvo's later T6's such as the XC70 T6 6cyl did not have this issue and had transmissions from the original supplier Volvo was using. Volvo was already able to get 300HP out of 5cyl Turbo Engines and T6 models could have had 280HP to increase reliability. It seemed Volvo was needlessly complicating things instead of using what it already had that was capable and proven.

I am personally concerned that Volvo now going to 4cyl Engines could be a mistake. They are turbocharged and supercharged to get 316HP and I am concerned running this much boost could possibly lead to reliability issues, increased wear or engine failure over time. I feel that Volvo should have just continued the 5cyl in a more efficient direct injection version like the new 4cyl.

I feel going to a 4cyl was pointless because the amount of boost Volvo has to run when Volvo could have went with a 5cyl version with a lot less boost for the same fuel economy. When you increase boost more fuel is dumped every time you press the accelerator even a little and go into boost. I believe this is why compared to our 5cyl Volvos fuel economy has been disappointing. 

I think Volvo should have a 240HP and 300HP 5cyl version of the new engine and not go over this or it will reduce fuel economy. In my opinion adding the cylinder with these horsepower numbers could allow for an up to 6PSI drop for T5 models and up to 7PSI drop in T6 models. Volvo should only make the 240HP version front wheel drive to keep acceleration numbers up. Volvo could also offer an ultra fuel efficient 5cyl NON turbo engine for the 40 series.

If Volvo really wants to continue the 4cyl engine then Volvo should increase displacement to 2.4L which should allow Volvo to drop boost around 2.5PSI from the increased engine displacement. I think Volvo should eliminate the supercharger and run less boost to increase long term reliability. I will go over simple things Volvo could do to make engines more fuel efficient below.


Volvo Vehicles and Marketing

1. The 4cyl Engine turns off potential US buyers that would never consider any vehicle with a 4cyl Engine. This means Volvo is losing potential buyers. I feel like Volvo did not consider how this could turn off potential buyers and could become a marketing issue. In my opinion Volvo has this new vehicle lineup but some people won't buy just because of the 4cyl engine and instead go to the competition. It's just the perception of a 4cyl in a luxury vehicle or SUV no matter how much horsepower it has or fuel efficient it is supposed to be.

2. I think the standard steering wheel in the new lineup looks cheap and does not inspire luxury or give you that solid, secure look and feel. I didn't even say anything and my wife told me she doesn't like the new steering wheel. We have owned 10 Volvos over the years and never had a problem with the steering wheel look. I thought I remembered watching an online review and the reviewer said they wished the steering wheel had a more luxurious look and feel. How many people were turned off by this and didn't buy? Just to compare I think the steering wheel in some current Audis is much nicer.

We think the XC40 steering wheel has a better more solid serious look and Volvo should start using that style steering wheel in all of its vehicles. However that steering wheel appears to have a seam running through the middle that does not speak quality and Volvo would need to fix this before using in its entire lineup. We also think the current steering wheel in the V/S/XC 60 and 90 looks much better with the split spoke at the bottom like the R-Design. This would be a quick easy improvement with something Volvo already has.

3. As long time Volvo customers we always liked the interiors because they were luxury but had a solid, utilitarian look and feel. We feel the new Volvo interiors are starting to become a little too funky and are losing that. The two piece rim steering wheel feels cheap and uncomfortable. The shift boot looked nicer and more high end in previous models. The font where it says warning on the visor has a not very Volvo cheap look. We wish there were manual controls like a Range Rover or an Audi. Then most new Volvo interiors we see have no traditional dark wood grain which more should have. We feel the panoramic roof should be an option because we would prefer to not have it. As long time Volvo owners we feel slightly alienated by the latest interiors.

4. I feel that having vehicles made in China or a Chinese brand printed on the windows will turn off US buyers that will go with competitors instead. This was one of the first things I noticed after sitting in some new Volvos and I believe this is not what US buyers want to see in a luxury vehicle brand like Volvo. The only Volvos that should be made in China would be the 40 series.


Volvo Needs Better Marketing

Volvo competitors like Audi, BMW and Mercedes have commercials showing vehicles driven aggressively or tested while bragging about their vehicles and in my opinion Volvo has the most boring uninteresting commercials. There is a MotorTrend video of a 2017 V90 Cross Country being driven on a rally course. Volvo should have a commercial with a V90 Cross Country driven like that or showing the new Volvo lineup driven aggressively and tested at Volvo proving grounds to a song like Once In A Lifetime by The Talking Heads or something. Volvo needs commercials that are fun, exciting, interesting and different. 


Improve Volvo Fuel Economy

1. Volvo should slightly reduce horsepower ratings for increased fuel economy and take T5 boost down to get 240HP and make T5 front wheel drive only to keep acceleration numbers up and improve fuel economy. Volvo should take T6 down to 300HP and T8 should be taken down to a combined 380HP. I think Volvo should focus on improving real world fuel economy numbers. 

2. Volvo should improve Eco Mode through reducing and staying out of boost as much as possible during normal throttle application to reduce engine fuel demand. Eco Mode should also automatically deactivate when accelerator is pressed quickly and moderately or when shifted into manual mode.

3. Volvo is now using air filters with restrictive foam layer for noise reduction. In my opinion Volvo could eliminate this then drop boost half a pound with no power loss to provide a slight increase in fuel economy. Volvo should go back to standard filters it had been using and other manufacturers use. I think most can accept more aggressive engine sound for better fuel economy.

4. I would like to see cylinder deactivation at idle and when coasting if it can be implemented without affecting reliability and drivability. I think this would be a great feature to have to save fuel and reduce pollution. Volvo should be doing more with engines before worrying about hybrids and electric.


Vehicle Features and Settings

There should be a setting to retain drive mode because we get tired of having to set the drive mode over and over every time we start the vehicle and sometimes forget. Volvo doesn't even have an automatic emergency brake like Toyota that can be set to automatically engage and disengage when shifted in and out of gear. I don't like the way Volvo does this and we wouldn't use it. With Volvo going all screen and trying to be so tech I would think Volvo could focus on trying to simplify with less steps for drivers to have to worry about.

We feel that only having the screen with lack of manual controls can be a distraction and would like to see some improvements. The climate controls are perfect and the climate control works so well in new models that you rarely have to change the settings so that is not an issue for us. However I find going through the radio station list distracting and harder to read with sunglasses and when there is a glare. There should be a setting to make the station list larger and not have the bar on the left of the screen which makes it too busy.


Disappointing Configurations

I have been very disappointed with available vehicle configurations when you go to build a vehicle on the Volvo website. For example I went to configure a V90 Cross Country but couldn't even get traditional wood grain in an over $50,000 vehicle! I then went to configure an XC90 T5 Momentum but it wanted to force me to have the round exhaust which I didn't think looks very good. Then I decided to select the XC90 Inscription even though it has the T6 and couldn't even get dark wood grain! Then many new Volvos now come with that uncomfortable cheap feeling two piece rim inlay steering wheel.

An update for 2020 Volvo seems to have eliminated the round exhaust tips for the XC90 T5 Momentum and now has darker wood grain for XC90 Inscription however it now seems you can't get traditional wood grain for T5 Momentum! The problem with the XC90 Inscription is that I would rather not have the T6 then Volvo had the bright idea to make the best looking wheel option 22" with ultra low profile tires which would be stupid and ridiculous to have. I would like to know what Volvo is thinking when they make these decisions.


Volvo Electrifying All Vehicles

Volvo is now pushing electrification which I believe would just shift pollution from vehicles to coal power plants and battery production which could end up being worse in my opinion so I think this makes no sense. I believe there are a lot of people like myself that are not interested in electric or hybrid vehicles because we know more than the average consumer and see potential issues. I believe Volvo would lose a lot of customers and potential buyers.

It feels like Volvo management has no clue that our 2005 5cyl Volvos had near zero CO smog test readings I believe and in addition PremAir Catalyst coated radiators that helped clean the air while you drove. It seems like Volvo had it right and should have also continued in this direction. I always laughed at the Toyota Prius with our Volvos also being environmentally friendly in my opinion but instead I feel our new Volvos are less environmentally friendly. It seems Volvo no longer uses PremAir and we actually get worse fuel economy in our new 4cyl Volvos so it feels to me like things have gone backwards!

Plug in electric vehicles are presented as an environmental solution while most electricity comes from coal power plants that pollute and the batteries take a ton of energy to manufacture and create environmental waste. Sure there should be some electric or hybrid vehicles but in my opinion it would be a huge mistake and risk for Volvo to make all hybrid or electric vehicles. What happens if the batteries start bursting into flames or something? If this is all a company makes I think it could potentially put them out of business.

If Volvo really wants to be an environmental leader why not still use a catalyst coating on radiators for vehicles to help clean the air as they drive? Volvo could be using this as a marketing opportunity to present themselves as an environmental leader and stand out from its competitors. I read this only costs something like $50 per vehicle. This could easily be passed onto the consumer and therefore would cost Volvo absolutely nothing. Think of all the ground level smog this could help remove. Volvo could use this in marketing, have in commercials and is a missed marketing opportunity for Volvo.


Volvo Driving Away Customers

1. I believe that Volvo has lost a lot of customers over the years that swore to never buy Volvo again instead of being repeat customers because of issues. I believe that Volvo needs to do a better job preventing issues in the first place to improve customer satisfaction, save money and retain customers.

For example around 20 years ago I think Volvo decided to source Electronic Throttlebody Modules (ETM's) from some Italian supplier for some vehicles instead of a supplier like Bosch and vehicles were stalling and having issues. Volvo also had the bright idea to go to a 6cyl Engine in S80 and XC90 T6 models (1999-2006) that required a different transmission Volvo had to source that I believe had serious reliability problems and premature failure when Volvo had a 5cyl Engine they could have used with a proven transmission.

2. Unfortunately I think Volvo is continuing to make decisions that are not good for business and will only drive away customers. For example I have seen complaints about premature brake wear on new Volvo models with brake pads being worn at only around 15,000 miles. I also believe Volvo is having an issue with rotors warping and causing vibration at low miles. Nobody wants to drive around in a luxury vehicle with a slight shake in the steering wheel. When customers have issues like this they are probably going to never buy another Volvo. Volvo brake pads and rotors for our 2005 V70 and S80 were high quality and never had premature wear or vibration. I just don't understand when Volvo has something great why they would complicate things.

I feel this is similar to our warranty replacement leather dash with defects like holes under the infotainment screen. I feel Volvo switched suppliers without fully inspecting and comparing with the original dashes. I believe Volvo should have mocked up the trim for the infotainment screen and dash vent trim, compared to the original dashes and should have caught the issues. 

3. I already addressed the mistake I believe Volvo is making with its engines that I am personally concerned could lead to future premature failure and believe running so much boost was not the best decision. I think Volvo should play it safe when it comes to preventing issues to retain customers. If a Volvo owner experiences engine failure they will probably never buy again.

4. I believe the following kind of decisions will only help Volvo competitors. I have heard Volvo is going to start putting cameras in vehicles in some attempt to prevent drunk driving or something. I am surprised Volvo doesn't seem to be thinking about how this could hurt sales and I believe it will turn off buyers. Volvo already has collision avoidance with automatic braking and driver alert. Volvo will put a 112MPH limit on vehicles and I think that is going to turn off buyers NOT because people drive that fast but people want to know what their vehicles can do. I believe Volvo should limit vehicles at 120MPH. If Volvo is really concerned about speed then drop the horsepower ratings and why does Volvo have 316HP and 400HP vehicles then it makes no sense. I think Volvo forgets that most people that buy Volvos are very responsible. If Volvo really wants to focus on safe driving bring back the Drive Safely campaign.


Volvo Corporate Not Listening?

I get the feeling that everything is ran through Volvo Headquarters in Sweden and that Volvo Corporate is not listening and not open to input. I am also surprised because I would think the company would not want to lose money on parts from suppliers that have defects and upset vehicle owners but I feel like nobody even inspected or compared the parts I am having a problem with. Then Volvo wasn't even sourcing defect free replacements for vehicle owners? It just makes me wonder if maybe Volvo doesn't care anymore?





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