My New Volvo Complaints

Other Complaints About My New Volvos


We decided to buy 2 new old stock Volvo XC70’s because this model had been around for a long time and was the final production year. We were kind of testing the waters before trusting vehicles from the new lineup and this experience disappointed and did not instill confidence in new Volvo lineup.

1. The leather dash issues are already ridiculous. It's bad enough to have the leather lifting issue but for one XC70 to receive warranty replacement dashes with defects and Volvo to make us feel like there will never be another defect free leather dash for these vehicles is ridiculous. This is NOT a 20 year old legacy vehicle. What kind of product support is that? If the leather dash in our other XC70 starts lifting apparently Volvo has no defect free replacements.



2. The center consoles started making creaking and popping noise and would sound like crap. I don't understand it because we had two 2015 Volvo dealer loaners for long periods of time while our old Volvos were in for service with the same center console and they were completely solid and quiet. We've dealt with this for months during our ownership but so far it seems our dealer has fixed the issue a second time by taking apart the center consoles and applying foam tape underneath but we're concerned the noise will return.



3. Transmissions had an intermittent bump when stopping at times that we never experienced in any previous Volvos we have owned or loaners we have driven for long periods of time. I believe this is due to an intermittent delayed downshift at times when braking. The software was already updated and there were no updates so I felt this would never be resolved. These vehicles had been out for years and software update should have already addressed this.

4. Steering wheel vibration that can sometimes be felt during braking at times. It feels like a pulsating or shaking like with warped rotors and started with both of our new Volvos under just 10,000 miles. I don't understand because our 2005 Volvos never once had steering wheel vibration like this. This issue is concerning because I feel like Volvo brake rotors are warping prematurely. This has been resolved and we thank Volvo and our dealer for resolving this.



5. We cannot stand the transmission programming we felt had sent us hurling toward stops at times after coasting with foot off accelerator even for a long time and is hard on brakes contributing to excessive premature brake wear. This transmission programming just felt dumb compared to other vehicles we have driven and our 2005 Volvo V70 and S80 we owned for a very long time. It felt like shift timing is too slow and too late and we felt like no help from Volvo. We believe this has been a contributing factor to our excessive brake wear.



6. The rear brakes are the worst I have experienced and started grinding at only 22,680 miles mostly freeway, limited braking, coasting before stopping and downshifting when possible if hard braking is required. I believe that this would have happened about 10,000 miles sooner if not easy on the brakes. It seems hard to believe that in 8 years Volvo would not have addressed this by updating and revising rear brake pads with something that wears like the front. It seems to me once the rear pads get half way down they ruin the rotors.




7. Intermittent fluttering noise coming from driver side vent area or under dash in one new Volvo. It seemed to only happen under moderate acceleration or steady throttle application when in boost after first driven or if it had been sitting a while and driven again. I thought it might be something to do with a vacuum line or climate control underneath the dash like an older Volvo we owned but the dealer had ended up replacing the exhaust manifold gasket.

My first instinct was Exhaust Manifold leak but then thought no way at around 17,000 miles that's impossible but sure enough dealer replaced gasket. I also complained about hearing an exhaust leak noise with our other XC70 around 18,000 miles but we were told everything was fine. We ended up having to pay nearly $1000 around 55,000 miles to finally have exhaust manifold gasket replaced on that one since it was never done. Then we had to pay $420 to have exhaust bolts retorqued on the other XC70 that had the gasket done. 



8. Fuel Economy very disappointing. I expected more in terms of fuel economy from a 4cyl with an 8 speed transmission. We have been able to get better fuel economy from our old 2005 5cyl Volvos with lower fuel economy ratings. I believe the extra turbo boost to compensate for having one less cylinder can hurt real world fuel economy more than Volvo realizes. The more turbo boost you run the more fuel is dumped every time you press the accelerator even a little and are in boost and this is why I believe fuel economy is disappointing.

9. Infotainment system rebooting itself repeatedly in our other new Volvo for over an hour while trying to use Navigation during two trips and kept hanging. A couple months later when driving and listening to the radio everything went quiet and infotainment system rebooted itself while hanging on Volvo logo. Dealer installed another software update we hoped would resolve this issue. We provided photos to Volvo Dealer and Volvo Field Technician to prove this was happening but according to report nothing further done about this issue.



10. I noticed Eco Mode and thought this would help with fuel economy so I tried it on a trip during the summer. I was burning up like there was no AC then I finally realized it turns OFF the Air Conditioning! I did go through the Volvo XC70 Owner's Manual but guess I missed that. On most days the AC needs to be on or it will get too warm or muggy and then on colder days the windows start to fog up. I figured out I could manually turn the AC back on.

Eco Mode seems to disengage all engine braking and is very hard on brakes because it feels like no resistance when you take your foot off accelerator. It was also a distraction having to turn Eco Mode on then the AC back on then turn Eco Mode off when other drivers are slowing down or braking. After trying to get better fuel economy I found that using it was worse! I will go over simple things I believe Volvo should do to improve fuel economy on another page.




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