New Volvo Brake Complaints

Complaints About New Volvo Brake Problems


Volvo went from having extremely durable brakes with P2 Platform to in my opinion ruining brakes in P3 Platform and SPA Volvos with issues ranging from premature pad wear, rotor warping, excess deposits from pads that were too soft to noise while allowing these issues to continue since SPA was introduced in 2016 and P3 rear brakes years before that. We first noticed issues with our P3 XC70's although P3 generation had been around since 2008 and 2016 was final production year where we expected issues to be worked out but were shocked with the issues. I believe brake issues were allowed to carry over to newest SPA Volvos now incredibly we also have brake problems with our 2022 Volvo XC90.


The rear brakes on our P3 XC70's were the worst I ever experienced and total garbage in my opinion where I feel this should have been a lesson for Volvo. The rear brakes needed replacement at 22,680 miles mostly freeway driving, limited braking, we coast before stopping, we do not ride brakes and even downshift if hard braking is required whenever possible. We are very easy on the brakes and if we were not I believe the rear brakes would have needed replacement around 10,000 miles sooner which is insane! I always believed rear pads were destroying rear P3 rotors and rear pad material was too soft and not durable enough to hold up very well to average driving in my opinion.

I believe P3 rear pad material was so soft pad shavings could come off and score rotors and it is really hard to believe this was ever allowed to continue. What I find shocking is these P3 rear brake pads seem to have been used for years and I think owners paid to cover the cost and those appalled with the issue never purchased again. We believe what easily proves the issue is not us is that we have been able to get up to 70,000 miles out of our P2 Volvo rear brake rotors and pads. I have seen similar complaints of worn brake pads at low miles with the new Volvo lineup. What I find unbelievable is Volvo had allowed pad durability issues to carry over to the new lineup in my opinion. Below is an example of the kind of complaints I have seen on social media.


With our Volvo P3 Platform vehicles the rear brakes are the worst I have seen. The front brake pads get the most brake distribution and have held up really well but rear brake pads which traditionally last much longer than fronts wear very quickly on P3 Volvos and rear rotors are being ruined by the rear pads! I cannot understand why Volvo did not simply source ATE brake pads with the same compound as front for rear brakes as well. The problem in my opinion is Volvo went from having superior brake pads and rotors with P2 generation like our V70 and S80 and then switched to softer less durable material for P3 rear brakes then front and rear SPA brakes I think was just absolute garbage.



If that isn't enough I believe Volvo has also had an issue with rotors warping prematurely and causing slight vibration or pulsating in the steering wheel. This happened with both of our new 2016 XC70's under 10,000 miles and in one XC70 returned again only a few thousand miles later! I have read about this happening with new XC90's and experienced it myself and to Volvo's credit it appears they have been covering this when it happens within warranty period however once out of warranty the customer could be stuck with brake rotors that continue to warp prematurely. The brake rotors I have seen come from Sweden which look high quality but I think pad material was too soft and embedded pad material can either cause brake rotors to overheat and warp or excess deposits embedded on rotor surface can cause reoccurring pulsation.



As an update after feeling forced to purchase a 2022 Volvo XC90 since Volvo to my dismay is now going all hybrid and electric with Google infotainment I assumed any issues would have been addressed because Second Gen XC90 has been around since 2016 yet same brake issues remained 6 years later. The front brakes started pulsating and were warped around 18,000 miles with confirmed runout which I believe happened much sooner therefore durability did not seem improved while Volvo always seemed more interested in trendy culture and hybrid, electric and self driving tech crap while neglecting basics in my opinion. Upon inspection rear pads seemed low which I felt would be a total repeat of our XC70 rear brakes if not replaced. We never had any brake problems with our 2005 Volvos and in my opinion that material worked best. It seems unbelievable to me Volvo can focus on self driving vehicles and other things but in my opinion cannot even get brakes right after P2 generation.

As an update to Volvo's credit I was informed Volvo has finally updated and revised SPA brake pads starting with the 2023 model year to resolve issues and previous pads should be cleared off parts shelves by now which is much welcomed news to feel like there is now hope for our XC90 brakes however SPA came out in 2016. I find it ridiculous to still be talking about Volvo brake issues in 2024 and I feel this is just way too late and should have happened at least 4 years sooner where Volvo has been negligent in my opinion. I cannot understand why this and other previous brake issues would not have been caught and addressed during testing and feel Volvo management has been more focused on trendy culture than acting like a serious automaker while neglecting basics in my opinion. I believe Volvo has lost many customers over the years and I feel management is either totally clueless or does not care. 




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