Past Volvo Warranty Experience

Past Warranty Experience With 2005 Volvo V70


My wife and I purchased a Certified Preowned 2005 V70 with around 34,000 miles I believe in 2009. It seemed like every time we tried to use the warranty nothing was covered.

The windshield washer didn't work. Volvo Dealer said something about a hose that was pinched and damaged - Not Covered

The passenger airbag off light would come on intermittently when someone was in passenger seat. Volvo Dealer could not duplicate but recommended CAN software update - Not Covered

Transmission shifting overactive and would shift excessively back and forth between gears when cruising on freeway. Volvo Dealer recommended transmission software update - Not Covered

Paid out of pocket to fix the windshield washer and for the CAN update for passenger airbag off when passenger sitting in seat and transmission overactive shifting issue which was also resolved. I never complained but after the way I have been treated regarding my new XC70 I now feel Volvo should reimburse me.

The engine had an intermittent long crank issue sometimes taking about 10 seconds to start. Dealer could never duplicate. To the dealers credit I replaced the battery, sensors, ignition coils then at higher mileage paid them to replace control modules (fuel control module, ECU and ECM) spending thousands trying to fix the issue and the issue continued. I replaced almost every single related part except the fuel pump. I now feel Volvo should also reimburse the over $3000 I spent trying to fix this - Could never get fixed





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