My Volvo Warranty Service and Quality Experience


New 2016 Volvo XC70 leather dash issues with leather lifting. Volvo is replacing these leather dashes under warranty with replacement dashes that have defects as shown below.

We purchased our new Volvos trusting and expecting Volvo to follow an industry standard of providing defect free replacement parts under warranty as Volvo is obligated to.

I trusted Volvo and the factory warranty expecting any failing or failed part would be replaced with a part that looks like what was originally installed. Instead I feel Volvo is trying to leave us stuck with a dash that has multiple defects and now I have to worry about our other XC70 since I feel like Volvo is basically saying that there will never be another replacement leather dash without defects. This vehicle had a $46,000 MSRP and there are economy vehicles this would never happen to.

Is this the kind of Warranty Service Volvo now provides?


2016 Volvo XC70 Leather Dash Issues. Original dash had leather starting to lift in one area. This is how the vehicle is being returned to us after new replacement dashes are installed.





Our other 2016 Volvo XC70 Leather Dash that was replaced under warranty by Volvo dealer we purchased it from because the leather was starting to lift. This is how the original dash looked and how these leather dashes are supposed to look.





New replacement Volvo Leather Dash showing manufacturing defects. We were told Volvo was going to explain issues to the supplier and we waited patiently for months trusting Volvo would resolve this. Volvo continues to supply our dealer with dashes that have the same manufacturing defects because they are not being manufactured correctly and Volvo isn't resolving this.






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