My Volvo Experience

What Made Me A Volvo Owner


I grew up in a townhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area near Oakland in Northern California. When I was a little kid I used to play in the alley near our garage. There were these kind of crazy brothers that used to drive a silver Volvo 240 Turbo Wagon. I always remembered seeing "Turbo Intercooler" on the back and as a little kid I thought that looked serious and always stuck with me. Sometimes when I was watching them drive by they'd wave then punch it and you could hear the turbo. This was something that always stuck with me since I was a little kid.

My mother purchased a gray 1992 240 Wagon. My mother wanted a 240 Turbo but Volvo stopped making 240 Turbos and the 740 Turbo was too expensive so she settled for a new 240. It had a secure feel. I loved the interior and the stereo. Volvo probably had some of the best stock stereos and my mom used to blast her music really loud. To this day I remember that stock stereo and how impressive it was back then. My mom and my stepdad used to complain that it was so slow.

The funny thing is I once purchased a 940 NON turbo with the same engine and it "was" extremely slow. I tried tuning it up but it was still extremely slow when floored. I was really surprised after I tightened up the kickdown and throttle cables when it made a huge improvement and wasn't so bad anymore. I figured out these wouldn't have been so bad and would have been much better to drive if the throttle and kickdown cables were adjusted tighter from the factory otherwise the transmissions won't downshift much even when floored. I wondered if Volvo had realized this or if they had some reason for not doing that.

My first Volvo was an older higher mileage Volvo Turbo Wagon. What I liked is how solid and secure it felt to drive. No matter what failed due to previous owner neglect or high mileage it never let me down and felt like it always wanted to keep going. This Volvo was like a friend.

All of the Volvos my wife and I have owned always had this solid and secure feel that I just felt like I never got in typical common vehicles and I have always felt like they were built better. I have also always liked the interior in all of the Volvos we have owned. I'm a stereo guy and I have always been impressed with the stock stereos in all of the Volvos we have owned over the years. The speakers have heavy magnets while other vehicles had dinky little magnets. It just shows the kind of quality Volvo put into their vehicles. My only regret is not being able to buy some of the older Volvos we owned new because I was too young. I would have really loved to own some of these older Volvos new because I really loved the way they looked and felt.

My wife and I have only owned Volvos since we have been together and have owned 10 different Volvos over the years. I have learned a lot and over the years have done a lot of work myself on them. Unfortunately I feel like our new Volvos are not being fully supported and almost feel abandoned as a loyal long time customer that has probably spent at least $40,000 on parts and service over the years and that had planned on buying more new Volvos in the future.  







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